Fitness Forever offering free Fit3D scans

Fitness Forever is proud to offer the latest technology to help our members reach their goals. One important piece of equipment we have brought in is the Fit3D body scanner. We are offering free scans for our members.

A Fit3D, 360-degree scan is a great way to know your starting point and be able to track your progress over time.
The scan provides over 200 accurate body measurements allowing you to compare and share your changes from
scan to scan.

Body scans and measurements are private. You can choose who will see your images. If you decide to invite your coach/trainer to your account then you can decide if you want them to see your measurements only, with no scans, or allow them to see your images as well. And with repeated scans, you can see your progress like never before. From losing weight to building muscle, the 3D scans can tell you how your body is changing with your fitness routine. It will help you see progress right before your eyes!